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Our pricing structure is special in that you’re not restricted by time limits on your day, all our packages include your start and finish times, whenever that happens to be.

The unique feature of a Viage Cinematic Production is the additional hours we spend, either before or after your special day, to create the final product.

We can meet with you to get to know your back story, along with any preferences or ideas you have, and incorporate them into the film. This could be anything from location shoots special to you, shared hobbies or interests or a completely different style of wedding film to the usual mould, the choice is up to you.  Every Viage film is unique, just as your journey to get here was.

Our packages vary in the amount of time we film around the main day, as well as any extras such as filming the speeches.  We have packages to suit wedding productions from large to small, just want us to  film the day ‘candid’ style without any additional shooting? We have the ‘Intro Package’ for you.  Got a full week of social events leading up to, and after, the wedding? One of the higher packages will give us enough time to capture moments from all those events and incorporates them into your final production.


Our Packages & Pricing


Optional Extras



We are able to record and film your speeches should you wish us to.


Audio Only – £250

Audio & Video – £500


Still Shots

While we focus predominantly on wedding films our footage is recorded at production quality at up to 4k. This means we are able to take quality still shots from the footage collected and provide you with these should you want extra still images for your collection.


Add Extra £150


Appendix Films

A lot of footage is taken to produce a cinematic production, but not all of it gets used.  We can use this additional footage to compile an appendix ‘B-Roll’ summary film including this extra material.


Add Extra £350


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